Wild beauty of Ba Trai Dao Beach (Three Peaches Islets)

If anyone has ever experienced Ha Long Bay, you will not be surprised by Ba Trai Dao Beach beauty. The shape of these wonderful islets look like three peaches.


Located near Cat Ba Island with 22 kilometres south of the tourist port, Ba Trai Dao Beach is a famous tourist attraction of Ha Long Bay with three small 23-metre mountains like three stone peaches. Every year thousands of tourists come here to bathe and admire the miraculous beauty of nature. Let’s explore the wonderful wild beauty of these islets that nature has given to this place.

Ba Trai Dao Beach on Google Map

Ba Trai Dao Beach on Google Map

Location of Ba Trai Dao Beach

One of the most famous beaches in Ha Long Bay, Ba Trai Dao Beach is located 22km from Bai Chay Tourist Wharf in the Southeast, near Cat Ba Island. This is a beautiful beach with pristine natural scenery like a painting.

Transportation to the beach

To go to visit Ba Trai Dao Beach, you need to take a boat trip at Bai Chay Tourist Wharf for about 3.5 to 4 hours. This place is called Ba Trai Dao Beach (meaning Three Peaches Beach) because it has three beautiful sandy beaches surrounding small islets. From a distance, these islets look like three peaches.

Ba Trai Dao Beach means Three Peaches Beach

Ba Trai Dao Beach means Three Peaches Beach. Photo: Internet

The romantic legend of Ba Trai Dao Beach

Three peaches are three small mountains, more than 20 meters high, looking like three fairy peaches. This place is associated with a legend of romantic love between a beautiful youngest fairy and a poor person. According to ancient legend, beautiful fairies escaped from heaven and came here for watching the beautiful scenery and swimming. 

The youngest fairy which was very beautiful and tender fell in love with a young fisherman. The young fairy stole three peaches from heaven for him because of the love. If he ate them, he would be given an eternal life, allowing him and his fairy to live together forever.

While she waited for him on the islet, the King of the Heaven discovered the robbery of her. He was very angry and turned the peaches into stone islets. The fairy was punished by the King, so she had to leave the man and return to Heaven.

Ba Trai Dao Islets have a romantic story

Ba Trai Dao Islets have a romantic story 

Travel experience in Ba Trai Dao Beach

Beautiful white sand beach

On the beach, there are beautiful white sand, clear blue water and sunny days for visitors to swim, look into the bottom of the water and relax comfortably. Compared with other beaches in Ha Long Bay, Ba Trai Dao Beach is shallow water, it has some places to wade by knees.

Because the surrounding area is rocky, the beach is quite airy and safe. The cliffs above the beach create exotic shapes that make visitors very excited to come here to take a picture with this beautiful scenery.

An ideal tourist destinations of Ha Long 

In addition, the rocky mountains are rich in plants, including wildflowers with vibrant colors, creating a lively and natural landscape. But not always, visitors can also admire and be immersed in this beautiful beach.

Because the high tide will drown the entire sandy area, visitors only take 2-3 hours of swimming for one day at this beach. Therefore, if you want to bathe, before coming to this area, visitors remember to thoroughly study the tide calendar.

At present, Ba Trai Dao Islets are the ideal tourist destinations of Ha Long that many tourists want to discover and explore.

Tourists can go swimming or kayaking at Ba Trai Bao Beach

Tourists can go swimming or kayaking at Ba Trai Bao Beach

A good place for kayaking

Around this area, there are not many hotels for tourists to stay and Ha Long specialty food is not sold too much here. You come here just to swim and participate in some outdoor games like kayaking across small water slides between the three islets.

Shopping at reasonable prices in Ha Long is no longer too difficult for the visitors. Around the islets and even on the boat to go to the sea, tourists can also buy many things such as Ha Long specialty to enjoy at the beach or buy as gifts for relatives and friends. In particular, some delicacies are available at some stores and the hotel near the bay, making it much more convenient for visitors to shop and enjoy.

Ba Trai Dao Beach which is a great destination of Ha Long Bay always attracts many tourists, especially it has a good impression for international tourists because of its poetic and peaceful beauty. Let’s come and explore unforgettable holidays in this paradise.



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