The enchanted wild beauty of Bai Tu Long Bay

With beautiful islands and long sandy beaches, Bai Tu Long Bay attracts hundreds of thousands of foreign and domestic visitors every year. Come to Bai Tu Long on a sunny day, you will be fascinated with the scenery here.


If Ha Long Bay is considered as a beautiful girl, Bai Tu Long Bay will be a gentle and graceful girl. You will be surprised when you come to Bai Tu Long - a charming bay with sandy beaches like crystal, clear blue water, historic sites, and countless local specialties. Let’s book a trip to this place when you have free time.

Bai Tu Long Bay on the map

Bai Tu Long Bay on the map

Location of Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long Bay is located in the Gulf of Tonkin, in the Northeast of Vietnam. Bai Tu Long Bay covers a large sea area of Ha Long City, Cam Pha City, and Van Don Island District. Bai Tu Long Bay has hundreds of large and small islands, many of which are inhabited.

Transportation to the bay

From some bus stations in Hanoi (such as Luong Yen, My Dinh, Ha Noi…), there are many cars departing to Bai Tu Long, Cam Pha, Quang Ninh, and fares range from 120,000 VND to 220,000 VND, travel time about 4 hours 20 minute.

If you want to go sightseeing in the city around the bay you can use the taxi. Visit the bay, you can contact the boats for hire at Bai Chay cruise ship port, Ha Long cruise pier, Duong Hai Company, Ha Long Bay Service Center, Hai Au Company. You can also book cruises on a daily basis for the large group.

In order to negotiate a price, you need to contact the ship owner in advance, depending on the time and type of ship and tourism season will cost differently. You can any trips here to visit Bai Tu Long Bay.

Bai Tu Long Bay - an alternative to Ha Long Bay

Bai Tu Long Bay - an alternative to Ha Long Bay

Legend of Bai Tu Long Bay

The newly established Vietnam was invaded by a foreign country. Jade Emperor sent a mother dragon and baby dragons flew down the world to help the Vietnamese fight the enemy. As the enemy ships came out of the sea, the Dragons released countless jewels and turned into thousands of rocks on the sea, creating a solid wall to stop the invasion of the enemy.

The ships of the invaders were fast-paced, suddenly blocked to crash into the rocky islands or crash into each other.

After the war, the mother dragon and baby dragons did not return to Heaven but stayed in the world where the battle took place. The position of mother dragon down is Ha Long Bay, dragon baby down is Bai Tu Long Bay. The dragon tails splashing white water is Long Vi (Tra Co peninsula) with smooth sand and ten kilometers long.

Who already visited Ha Long Bay can visit Bai Tu Long Bay

Who already visited Ha Long Bay can visit Bai Tu Long Bay

The right time to visit Bai Tu Long

The average temperature is from 15 ° C to 25 ° C. Rainfall is about 2000 mm - 2000 mm per year. Summer and autumn time, March to May and August to October attracts domestic tourists. Winter time attracts foreign tourists. You do not travel Bai Tu Long during June - July because this season often has rain or storm.

Where to go and what to play in Bai Tu Long   

Bai Tu Long with the marine ecotourism complex is only about 60 km of Bai Chay or 1.5 hours cruise through the bay. You will be fascinated with 2 km long white smooth sand, clear blue water, and clean environment. Many beautiful beaches in the North can be found here.

Other famous islands such as Cap Ky Nhay, Cap Ky Gia, The Vang, Hon Chong Island, Van Don Islet, Ba Sao Islet... are also interesting places to explore. You can visit many islands where people live, breed, cultivate such as Quan Lan, Minh Chau, Ngoc Vung, Dong Chen...



Bai Tu Long Bay is also a place to commemorate the magnificent victory of Tran Khanh Du, defeating the Nguyen army. There are famous temples including Cua Ong Pagoda worshiping Tran Quoc Tang, son of Tran Quoc Tuan, contributed greatly in many battles of Nguyen Mong.

Bamboo boats on Bai Tu Long Bay

Bamboo boats on Bai Tu Long Bay

You can also visit the large architectural works such as Vinh Hai station, Mac Dynasty bastion, Quan Lan island, Pagoda with 100 pavilions in Thang Loi Commune, Van Don District...

Bai Tu Long National Park is a national and multi-level biosphere reserve. Coming here, you will be able to admire the beauty of wildlife with rocky islands such as Ba Mun, Tra Ngo Lon, Tra Ngo Nho, Sau Nam, Dong Ma…

Highlighted is the Bat Cave located in the Cat Lim area of Tra Ngo Island. Also, many places that tourists have come here should not be overlooked such as Thong Thien Cave, Phat Co Island, Cua Ong Temple, Van Hoa port, Ban Sen Island with hundred-year tea taste and Uyen Uong crystal beach.

Bai Tu Long cuisine is diverse with fresh seafood and delicious specialties. The typical gift of Quang Ninh mine land is the charcoal statue created by talented hands of the people here. Let’s come, enjoy special foods on the spot and buy gifts for your relatives and friends.



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