Tam Cung Cave (Three Palaces Cave) - cannot be ignored

Located in the cave system of Ha Long Bay, Tam Cung Cave has a charming beauty and becomes an attractive tourist place when traveling to this famous world heritage.


Tam Cung Cave is situated on the May Den Island, an island separated from other islands. It has cliffs standing upright and green forest. Mysterious beauty of the cave will make you fascinated.

Location of Tam Cung Cave

Tam Cung Cave with its beautiful terrain is in the heart of Ha Long Bay, 5 km northeast of Sung Sot Cave. Arrive at May Den Island, an extremely pristine island, you will discover this cave.

Tam Cung cave is located 5km away from Sung Sot Cave

Tam Cung cave is located 5km away from Sung Sot Cave. Photo: internet

Transportation to the cave

To go to visit Tam Cung Cave, you can buy a package tour to Ha Long Bay and see if the cave is in the itinerary or not. If you want to be free in your trip, you and your family can rent a ship from Tuan Chau Marina Harbour to ask a stop at this cave.


Explore one of the most beautiful caves in Ha Long Bay

Meaning of Three Palaces Cave

Tam Cung is divided into three compartments, wriggled through the rocks. That's why people call it Tam Cung Cave (Three Palaces Cave). Step into the cave, you will be surprised by the stunning beauty of the stalactites with strange shapes.

The first impression of most visitors is that when entering the door, it sounds like the sound of T'rung musical instrument or Lithophone. Then you suddenly meet a Buddha with climbing sticks and silver hairy beard, three statues of Gods named “Fortune, Prosperity, Longevity” standing silently. At the ceiling of the cave, there is a stalactite like a beautiful white flower bud.

Tam Cung is divided into three compartments

Tam Cung is divided into three compartments. Photo: internet

The second compartment

Through a narrow rock wall, you will come to the second compartment like a living museum of nature with fancy stalactite shapes such as stone lions, seals, Naiad statue… In the middle of the cave is the stream of fresh water flowing around, the two sides of the cave are gorgeous stone curtain letting down from the ceiling.

This place is like the castle of the princess country sleeping in the forest that you have heard since childhood. Entering the final compartment, you will be sure to admire a monumental sculpture on it that engraves exotic and elaborate pictures of flowers, beautiful bamboo sticks, natural stone curtain, gentle sleeping elephants...

Visiting Tam Cung Cave, you will go from surprise to admiration, from the charismatic beauty of the first compartment that you have to explore the second and the third ones with the mysterious stone shapes. It will give you a new experience with many different shapes and you will be immersed in these images of stalactites that nature brings to this place.

Tam Cung Cave looks like a living museum of nature

Tam Cung Cave looks like a living museum of nature. Photo: internet

To continue exploring the most beautiful caves of Ha Long Bay, you can visit the four following caves:

  • Sung Sot Cave (Amazing Cave or Surprising Cave) is located in Bo Hon Island. Here, you will have a very interesting experience when going under the dense foliage, climbing and go up the steps of cliffs. Especially, the interior space inside the cave is about 10,000 m2 with unique stalactites and interesting shapes.
  • Trinh Nu Cave (Virgin Cave) is associated with a touching love story. The couples see this place as a symbol of eternal love, while the fishermen here view the cave as the ideal stopover on Ha Long Bay.
  • Dau Go Cave impresses visitors with the door shape of a blue jellyfish. To reach this cave visitors must go through 90 stone steps. The cave has 3 main compartments, the cave arch is 25 m high. The cave arch has many stalactites hanging down looks like an extremely strange stone waterfall.
  • Luon Cave is located in the area with steep cliffs, clear blue water, it is 4 m high and 60 m long. Visitors must bow down to enter the cave, so people call it Luon Cave. When you stop here you will be overwhelmed by the beautiful scenery as a watercolor picture.

Are you ready for the trip to discover the top 5 most beautiful caves of Ha Long Bay, including Tam Cung Cave?