Stone Dog Islet - a safety symbol of Halong Bay

Stone Dog Islet is one of the most beautiful and meaningful images in Ha Long Bay. It is also an impressive destination that attracts many visitors every year.


If you have been to Ha Long Bay, you certainly cannot forget the beauty of thousands of islands on the bay. Stone Dog Islet is among these natural wonders. Let’s find out the interesting values of this islet.

Location of Stone Dog Islet

Stone Dog Islet is located near Dau Go Cave in the West. It belongs to an area of 1969 islands around the majestic Ha Long Bay, which has been classified as a World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO twice.

Stone Dog Islet is located near Dau Go Cave

Stone Dog Islet is located near Dau Go Cave. Photo: Internet

Transportation to the islet

Referring to Ha Long Bay tourism, most trips will mention the cave, beach and kayak activity. You can book tours to Ha Long Bay or plan your own trip with a rented boat, depending on your budget, time and travel preferences. On the way to explore the bay, you can go through Stone Dog Islet.
The sacred islet in the middle of the bay

Stone Dog Islet

Ha Long tourism will certainly not complete if you do not know Stone Dog Islet. It is located in the middle of the sea as a sacred object to worship the Sky and Earth. During the trip to visit Ha Long Bay, after leaving Thien Cung Cave, Dau Go Cave about 10 minutes, you will see Stone Dog Islet.

Go around the islet, looking at an altitude of about 8 meters along the slopes, you will find a rocky stone in a standing posture as a symbol to seek the safety of your trip.

A tourist nearby Stone Dog Islet

A tourist nearby Stone Dog Islet. Photo: Internet

Why it is called Stone Dog Islet?

The reason why it is called "Cho Da Islet" (Stone Dog Islet) comes from its appearance which looks like a huge dog with head turning to the sea. A dog lying outside the door in the position of a doorkeeper is a relatively familiar image in Vietnam.

Most of the traditional temples and on both sides of the gate in front the ancient houses have a pair of stone dogs. They welcome and inform good news about visitors or protect the house and prevent anything bad or evil coming inside the house.

The picture of Stone Dog Islet standing on the sea seems to be a symbol to protect and retain the safety of tourists during the trip to Ha Long Bay. This image also brings deep meaning, contributing to promoting the values ​​of the natural landscape here. The harmonious combination between Stone Dog Islet and Ha Long creates a romantic view of nature. This symbol has come to the minds of tourists for millions of years.

A couple taking picture near the Stone Dog Islet

A couple taking picture near the Stone Dog Islet. Photo: internet

A safety symbol of Ha Long Bay

In the scenic Ha Long Bay, Stone Dog Islet is a place to watch in the journey to discover and conquer the great bay. Visitors to this place are immersed in a tranquil natural environment, a vast paradise, and hear the whisper of the sea. All your worries will disappear and you will regain your energy.

In addition, Stone Dog Islet with a safety symbol for visitors coming here will really make the trip meaningful and memorable. Ha Long tourism is increasingly popular in the world and attracts more international visitors.

It is wonderful for Mother Nature to give to Ha Long Bay an “immortal friend”, a huge stone dog. This familiar image reminds us of our homeland and our family, remembering that there are always people waiting for us to come back and never) stop loving us. So, you can also see Stone Dog Islet is a symbol of loyalty.

Another touirst on Ha Long Bay

Another touirst on Ha Long Bay. Photo: internet

To visit Stone Dog Islet

Visiting this islet is extremely convenient, which can be combined on your one-day trip to Ha Long Bay. You can also explore Thien Cung Cave, Dau Go Cave, and Ti Top Island on the same itinerary.


Thien Cung Cave is one of the most beautiful caves in Ha Long, located in the north of Dau Go Island, 4km south of the port. It is a large cave with many stone stalactites, stalagmites in interesting strange shapes. Dau Go Cave (Dau Go Island) has a blue door with a jellyfish shape and 90 stone steps to its entrance.

The cave arch is about 25m high with hundreds of stalactites hanging down like a strange waterfall. Ti Top Island has a small and quiet sandy moon-shaped beach for tourists to swim or they can climb up to the top of the mountain to admire the scenery from above.

If you come to Ha Long, you do not miss the beautiful image of Stone Dog Islet. Enjoy the scenic bay with attractive tourist attractions will leave the unforgettable impression in your heart.


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