Monkey Island - an interesting place to visit in Cat Ba

With beautiful natural scenery, Monkey Island has become a highlight of Cat Ba tourism. Every year, it welcomes many visitors, although the service on the island does not meet the high demand of tourists, it is still the ideal destination in the journey to Cat Ba.


Exploring Monkey Island will bring visitors many interesting things and relaxing time. You will see beautiful nature, enjoy kayaking or swimming on the white sand beach and blue sea. It is a favourite activity of Ha Long - Cat Ba Trips for those who explore Ha Long bay.


Location of Monkey Island

Monkey Island is located about 2km east of Cat Ba town. On the island, you can stay at Monkey Island Resort with private beach in Lan Ha Bay.

Monkey Island is located about 2km east of Cat Ba town

Monkey Island is located about 2km east of Cat Ba town. Photo: internet

Transportation to the island

Visiting Monkey Island, tourists usually take a boat from Beo Wharf. You only need 10 minutes to get to this island. On the way, you can see Cai Beo fishing village and some small islands.

The origin of the island name

Previously, Monkey Island is called by the name of Cat Dua Island because it has many wild pineapple trees. The trees have good fruits but inedible. Fishermen often take this fruit to soak for a cool drink or to dry to make diabetes medication.

At present, people often call it Monkey Island. The reason is that there are more than 20 monkeys on the island. They often go down to the beach to play with tourists, eat the food such as bananas, apples, tangerines, candy... The monkeys are very funny, they dance and climb to impress those who come here.

Monkey Island is the homeland of monkeys

Monkey Island is the homeland of monkeys. Photo: internet

An unforgettable travel experience in Monkey Island

Monkey Island has a circumference of 3 km. It is a mountainous, sandy island formed in millions of years. Over time, the waves and winds brought sand, rocks, coral, and shells of snails, shrimps, and crabs to the foot of the mountain forming a long sand beach. Monkey Island has two arc beaches, Cat Dua 1 and Cat Dua 2. They are ideal beaches for tourists to travel Cat Ba because of the extremely clear blue sea.

The island has a restaurant for visitors to sit and enjoy the sea breeze, cool drinks, ice cream, food… with some supply services for swimming clothes, float, kayak… In the summer, when the beaches in Cat Ba town are overcrowded, Monkey Island is the ideal place for tourists who want to avoid the noise and crowds. It is also suitable for group or family travelers because of its large space for easy children supervision.

Visit Monkey Island by cycling

Visit Monkey Island by cycling. Photo: internet

Cat Dua Beach 

Cat Dua 1 Beach is longer and has a military garrison station. Cat Dua 2 Beach is located on the right-hand side behind the tiger-shaped mountain. It has a garden of several hundred square meters with plants such as wild pineapple, maple trees, white apple trees ... and many different birds. 

At Monkey Island, tourists can explore by climbing up to the top of the mountain to view the panoramic view of Lan Ha Bay with hundreds of large islands rising on the clear blue water.

Monkey Island Resort

You can go to this island and stay at Monkey Island Resort at Cat Dua 2 Beach. The resort has 29 rooms built in the style of the thatched bungalow. Each bungalow is equipped with air conditioning, hot shower, television, electric fan, and internet with free wifi. The room has the view over hundreds of islets and you can have some drinks on the balcony.

The sound of the sea waves gives you a feeling of relaxation, a sense of closeness with nature.

Monkey Island Resort

Monkey Island Resort. Photo: internet

You will have a great time in the bungalow, enjoy the fresh air of the ocean, swim in the private beach, kayak in the bay, play soccer, volleyball, billiards... This is also an ideal place for you to rest, bathe, and eat Vietnamese or Western dishes. The two-storey restaurant is located in the heart of the resort.

The first floor is the amusement and entertainment area with wine bar, billiard table, and modern karaoke system. The second floor is the dining area serving hundreds of guests. Especially, the restaurant is designed close to the beach so that you can enjoy both the delicious food and the beautiful landscape of Lan Ha Bay.

You can sit here to drink and wait for sunset in the afternoon or watch thousands of stars at night.

Monkey Island has become a highlight of Cat Ba tourism with the bungalow house and good travel service to give visitors a wonderful vacation. Let’s visit the island and experience the beach here.



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