Luom Bo Area (Lom Bo Area) in Halong Bay

As one of the most favorite stopping points of luxury cruises and tours, Luom Bo Area (or also called the Lom Bo Area) is definitely a name you have to write down in your journey.


If you have ever come to Halong Bay. the name of Luom Bo Area (or also known as Lom Bo Area) is certainly a name that you couldn’t forget. having a night here, and you won’t regret it, I promise. 

Luon Bo Area

Luon Bo Area

Location and Transportation:

Luom Bo Area (or also called the Lom Bo Area) is in the South Side of the Bay, which only 15 kilometers far from the Bay. It is also quite near the famous Ti Top Island with only 30 minutes far from it. To have the best experience here, I recommend you to join a cruise that includes the Luom Bo Area in its itinerary.

Usually, the cruise will let you spend a whole night here before going to have Tai Chi Class in the next morning. Another option is to rent a small boat or a kayak from Ti Top Island and encounter the area. 


A tourist near Luom Bo Area

A tourist near Luom Bo Area

The appearance and characteristics of the Luom Bo Area:

Cool and fresh atmosphere

From a far distance, visitors can already see that the Luom Bo Area is embraced by many high and steady limestone mountains, which creates an open circle with only a small entrance. In the mountains, we can see a biodiversity of plants with plenty of trees, mosses, ferns, etc.

The atmosphere in Luom Bo Area is also very cool and fresh, in the morning, people can witness a white net of fog spreading widely throughout the whole area. This makes the area even more picturesque and fanciful. Not only be endowed a peaceful scenery by the Mother Nature, but the Luom Bo Area also owns a range of caves, in which there is a famous cave called Me Cung Cave or Me Cung Grotto.

Halong Bay

Halong Bay

A perfect area for overnight

The Luom Bo Area is also considered as the most ideal and perfect area for overnight anchorages. The first reason is that this area not only has a big space but it’s also very quiet, which creates a relaxing atmosphere towards visitors.

More than that, this area is very safe. Due to it ideal geographical position which is in a deep hollow with the protections from ranges of limestone mountains, it is a perfect place to shelter from storms and dangers.  

Kayaking in Ha Long Bay

Kayaking in Ha Long Bay

Activities you can do while visiting the Luom Bo Area:

Coming to the famous Luom Bo Area, there is a list of interesting activities you can do:

  • Observing the beauty given by Mother Nature: Why not? Although the scenery in Luom Bo Area is not too standing out from other destinations, the landscapes and view of this area has its own beauty: a subtle beauty that can enter man’s hearts. 
  • If you’re an active person, why don’t you spend some time and go swimming? Despite the fact that there aren’t any official beaches in Luom Bo Area, you can still find some ideal places to swim here. The water here is crystal clear and the temperature is absolutely perfect for swimming.
  • If you are not the type of active people, then staying inside the boat is still a good choice. There are a lot of services that the tourist agencies offer their clients in this destination such as dancing to the music, watching movies, playing cards with family and friends, etc. Some cruises even have massage services, which is claimed to dispel your tiresomeness as well as your worries. 
  • It’s also a good option to spend some private time with your loved ones here. Imagining that you can both sit on the deck and enjoy the moonlight together. What could be more serene and romantic?

If you ask me, I would say that the experience in the Luom Bo Area is a hard-to-forget one. Staying away from the crowded places, this is the perfect vacation that you are looking for. Hurry up and plan a trip to visit this area!! I promise that it will leave you with satisfaction.


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