Hon Gai Harbor (Hon Gai Tourist Wharf)

Halong Bay is a favorite tourist attraction of tourists all around the world. Although it possesses wonderful landscapes and sceneries, the biggest disadvantage of it belongs to the welcome process. Due to this, Hon Gai Harbor is born to solve the problem.


To be known as one of the most important main point traffic infrastructures in Quang Ninh Province, Hon Gai Harbor is promised to be an ideal and fascinating tourist attraction that can be linked with surrounding projects to develop tourist services in Halong (specifically) and Quang Ninh Province (generally).

Hon Gai Harbor now can welcome largest ships in the world

Hon Gai Harbor now can welcome largest ships in the world. Photo: internet


Hon Gai Harbor (or also called Hon Gai Tourist Wharf) is located in Cua Luc River area which is in Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province. Being invested by Sun Group Corporation, Hon Gai Tourist Wharf is built inside the campus of Sun World Halong Complex, which creates a high-end complex of hotels, resorts, amusement parks with a lot of restaurants and bars.

Surrounded Hon Gai Harbor are Cai Lan Wharf, Bai Chay Bridge, the former Hon Gai Harbor by Vinashin, Nam Cau Trang Wharf (which is in the project), Tuan Chau Wharf and Dai Duong park. This location makes Hon Gai Harbor a convenient destination to visit other attractions in Halong Bay.


A cruise nearby Hon Gai Harbor

A cruise nearby Hon Gai Harbor. Photo: internet

Hon Gai Tourist Wharf in details:

On 24th November 2018, Sun Group Corporation officially began construction of the Hon Gai Harbor in the form of public and private partnership. The total amount of investment is up to 1000 billion VND in which the budgetary resources of Quang Ninh Province is about 300 billion VND for the purpose of deploying the approach bridge, and the Sun Group Corporation will be in charge of building the wharf and the passenger station. 

This project includes these following categories: approach bridges, wharves, public service houses for appropriate authorities, turning points for cars, substructures that ensure the traffic safety, lights, and a passenger station. 

Hon Gai Harhor now has a new station

Hon Gai Harhor now has a new station. Photo: internet

According to the design, Hon Gai Harbor will have the approach bridges with the length of 750 meters and the width of  11,5 meters with 21 concrete pillars. Along with each approach bridges’ side, there will be a 0,5-meter space for trees.

The wharf will be about 511 meters long in which the welcome port’s length is 130 meters and its width is 30 meters, which enables the biggest international tourist boat in the world, which is about 330 meters long and has the capacity of 6500 passengers, to land. The passenger station has 3 floors with the total area of 13,500 meter square.

Visit Ha Long by a bamboo boat

Visit Ha Long by a bamboo boat. Photo: internet

The Reasons behind Hon Gai Harbor’s construction:

Although a few years ago Halong Bay has already become a famous tourist attraction as well as a destination that many luxury cruises often choose to land, Halong Bay still didn’t have a wharf for this type of tourist. Coming to Halong Bay, many visitors had to use jolly-boats to go ashore and international cruises had to cast their anchors quite far from the land.

This is not only time-consuming but it is also dangerous for visitors since most of the jolly-boats were very old. There used to be a time that 2 to 3 luxury cruises visited Halong Bay at the same time, which takes the welcome units hours to deal with. Due to this, there was a time that cruises directly land on the Cai Lan Wharf, but since it’s a cargo port which contains a lot of dust as well as the geographical disadvantages, they didn’t do that anymore.

A fishing village on Ha Long Bay

A fishing village on Ha Long Bay. Photo: internet

More than that, visitors from those luxury cruises are mostly old people, which is a huge disadvantage for them to move around. In addition, the facilities in those wharves are also very sparse. They even lack toilets and restrooms. All of these reasons caused bad reactions from visitors. Acknowledged this issue, Hon Gai Harbor has been built. 

According to the schedule, the Hon Gai Harbor (or also called the Hon Gai Tourist Wharf) will be finished in October 2018, which opens a new era for the development of the tourist services in Halong.


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