Beo Harbour - a gateway to Lan Ha Bay

If you want to pay a visit to the Lan Ha Bay, then the Beo Harbor is the first destination that you must come.


To be considered as one of the most important harbors in Cat Ba, the Beo Harbor is the destination in which most of the cruises and ships. The Beo Harbor is not only the starting point to visit others tourist wharves, but it is also a climbing and sightseeing destination that many tourists love to come.

Overview of Cai Beo Harbor

Overview of Cai Beo Harbor. Photo: Internet

Location and Transportation:

The Beo Harbor is located in a harbor town which is only 2 kilometers far from the center point of Cat Ba and 15 kilometers far from the famous Cat Ba National Park. This harbor is in the region of Cat Hai District, Hai Phong City.

From the Beo Harbor, visitors can also observe the Guoc Islet (or also called the Wooden Shoe Islet). From the center of Cat Ba, visitors can choose to reach the Beo Harbor by walking or catching a motorbike taxi. It often takes travelers 20 minutes to walk there.


Beo Harbor is 2 kilometers far from the center point of Cat Ba

Beo Harbor is 2 kilometers far from the center point of Cat Ba. Photo: Internet

The Beo Harbor in a closer look:

Beo Harbour - a gateway to Lan Ha Bay

To be recognized as the main tourist Harbor in Cat Ba, the Beo Harbor is where visitors have to come when they want to visit the Lan Ha Bay, the Monkey Island, the Viet Hai Village, etc. With its advantageous geographical position as well as the propitious sea traffic, each day, this harbor receives many cruises coming from the famous Halong Bay. More than that, due to its advantages, many local fishing boats also gather in this area.

What to see...

When visitors first reach to the gate of the Beo Harbor, they will see a tan hotel and many cliffs on the left side of the Beo Harbor. Of course, you can climb on those cliffs with a small fee for each turn. For the visitors who like venture activities, the Beo Harbor is also an interesting destination to start with. With its position near a lot of tall grandiose mountains, many travelers come here to explore, climb up the mountains and observe the beauty of the ocean from a far distance.

Beo Harbor - a gateway to Lan Ha Bay

Beo Harbor - a gateway to Lan Ha Bay.  Photo: Internet

From any peaks of mountains looking down, you can witness the bustling image of the whole Harbor. From the cliffs next to the Harbor, in 2008, the management board of the Harbor created 5 climbing routes out of 7. Those cliffs are total up to standards and perfectly safe for visitors to climb on.

In the summer period, the cliffs are often more slippery due to the amount of rain in this season, which makes it harder for climbing activity. For some people, they claim that climbing on those days makes them feel more challenging but also very fun.

More to see from Beo Harbour

More than that, this is also a nice destination for visitors who want to pay a visit to the fishing villages in Cat Ba. Coming to the fishing villages, you can witness the return or the departure of the local fishing boats far away on the sea in the sunrise or sunset. When the sun rises up and the local male return from a hard-working night, the trading market happens. Their mothers and wives will sell a lot of fresh fishes, squids, shrimps, etc that their sons or husbands just caught last night.

Cai Beo fishing Village

Cai Beo fishing Village. Photo: Internet

The atmosphere becomes extremely noisy and bustling. Visiting these fishing villages is like a skip of time with an eventful rhythm. When the sun starts to set, the fishermen begin their journey in the ocean with the hope that they can catch a lot of fishes. The purplish orange color of the sun gives the scenery a peaceful and serene feeling and makes visitors feel that the time is stopped.

Witnessing a day of the people in these fishing villages, visitors will also have a chance to explore their traditions and jobs in a closer look. You can even go on a squid-fishing trip at night with the locals. Among those fishing villages near the Beo Harbor, the Cai Beo Village is the most famous one. It is the oldest fishing village in this area with many historical relics and interesting traditions.

A closer look to Cai Beo Village

A closer look to Cai Beo Village. Photo: Internet

The Beo Harbor is where visitors have to visit in order to be transported to other beautiful and famous tourist attractions in Cat Ba. This place is not only a tourist wharf for cruises, but it also contains many exciting activities for domestic as well as international visitors. So make sure that you don’t miss this destination!!    



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