A refreshing and healthy mind with Taichi Class in Ha Long Bay

If you want to welcome the new day on Ha Long Bay with a Taichi class, join the cruise tour here. While watching the beautiful nature you do exercise for a better health.


Ha Long Bay is the landscape of the top seven natural wonders of the world. This place is the favorite destination of many tourists. Besides exploring the beauty of nature, the relaxation purpose and the health enhancement are also factors that both tourists and tour operators in Ha Long have interest. That's why there is Taichi class on board.

Tai Chi is held in the morning on the sundesk of the boat

Tai Chi is held in the morning on the sundesk of the boat

Taichi class

Taichi activity in the early morning on the deck is the perfect way to start your day in Ha Long Bay. Most of the cruise ships in Ha Long Bay have Taichi class as part of a package tour of the ship.

How to join the class

Tai Chi service is provided on a deluxe boat or on a luxury boat. To join a Tai Chi class, tourists can book Ha Long Deluxe Cruises Trips or Ha Long Luxury Cruises Trips. You have to stay at least 1 night on the cruise in order to have Taichi class in the next morning.

Interesting activities that many visitors waiting for

Currently, the tour in Ha Long has not a long time, about 2-3 days on the bay. In order to help visitors discover the natural beauty and health promotion activities, 3-star and 4-star cruise ships operating in Ha Long Bay are taking steps forward with good quality services. To make a difference and show their high standards, they put Taichi class in the morning on a free tour for yacht travelers.

What does 'Tai Chi' mean?

Taichi is the martial arts of traditional Chinese culture. "Tai" means immense, "Chi" means great. Taichi is now used and practiced as an effective therapeutic nourishment to help relax the mind, promote the health, prevent the illness and prolong the life.


Tai Chi is held on a 4 or 5-star boat

Tai Chi is held on a 4 or 5-star boat

Because of the similarities in Taichi principles with the vast and harmonious space of Ha Long, Taichi should be included as part of the Ha Long Bay amazing tour schedule with all visitors. It becomes a useful and interesting activity to them. However, in order to properly train Taichi, not all Taichi teachers can do it.

The cruise companies have invested in staff training to get professional Taichi instructors with the efficient standard Taichi method.

A form of meditation

Tai Chi emphasizes complete relaxation, and is essentially a form of meditation, or so-called "meditation in motion", but it can be called "motion medicine."

This can prevent or reduce many of the aging diseases and promote the health of the mind, body, and soul through its soft controlled movements. This activity will help you completely free of your stress problems.

After sleeping comfortably on a luxury cruise, every morning visitors get up to 30 minutes early for a serious Taichi class and enjoy the tranquility of the bay.

The exercise consists of lightweight postures, beginning at 6 am every day. While practicing, you will be able to capture the magic of Ha Long Bay, a scene that awakens both your mind and body.

Tai Chi - an interesting activity on Ha Long Cruise trips

Tai Chi - an interesting activity on Ha Long Cruise trips

Teaching by Taichi master

Taichi master will teach you how to use the conscious mind to guide movements and let it lead the way you breathe fresh air and watch the sunrise behind the mountain peaks.

Because Tai Chi has a low impact and minimal strain on muscles and joints, so it can easily adapt to anyone, even if you are an older person or people cannot exercise or are restricted in wheelchairs or recover from surgery.

In addition, there are also massage services and spa for guests when required with a full range of body, face, back or foot massage. The team of massage technicians is trained professionally, they will bring to you the minute of relaxation, refreshing and cheerful when using the service on board.

Taichi practice on the deck between the immense water waves, tourists will not only enjoy the beauty of Ha Long but also find the immense vastness of the universe and the peace of mind.

You can have other activities after the exercise is breakfast, relax, spa treatment and start sightseeing on Ha Long Bay with many interesting caves and attractive islands.

Let’s try a night out on the yacht and watch the sunrise in the bay with this Taichi class.



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